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Asia Control Systems Philippines (IMPAC®), Inc. is specialized IMPAC® Recruitment company. Our expertise is geared towards supporting IMPAC® Licensed companies in Recruitment, Human Resources –management and also Telesales support. We have successfully provided our specialized services since early 1990s, initially working with IMPAC® Asia Pacific Licensees.

In addition, for more than a decade now, we have kept expanding our geographical reach. Today we work with all IMPAC® Licensed companies worldwide, adding IMPAC® in Europe and Americas onto our map.

Asia Control Systems is independent licensee of the IMPAC® System, and we are proud to work with all IMPAC® Licensed companies worldwide.

Our main service is to provide IMPAC® Licensees with tailor made recruitment solutions. Very simply, we recruit both junior and senior personnel to IMPAC®. We are experts on IMPAC® recruitment and accept responsibility of Recruitment and Human Resources Management to IMPAC® worldwide.
On following pages, we explain who we are, what we do ; and how we go about our business. In addition, we explain why we hope you wish to join IMPAC®.

Welcome to learn about IMPAC®, our services, and your new career opportunity in IMPAC® as for instance Certified Productivity Specialist, Management Trainer, Project Director, Account Executive and Analyst!


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