If you have seen our advertising in a major newspaper or in a recruitment web-site in your country, you will have a direct secure application link (email address) in the advertisement. Pls. use the link provided in the advertisement. In such case pls. do not send email, simply use the link provided and follow instructions.

Even if you have not seen any such advertisement, and if you are interested of the type of work and positions presented, you may apply by supplying us with your CV in English through email. Pls. also attach your picture to the CV. Pls. do not call, your application process starts by you supplying us with your CV. Pls. notice that we require applicants to speak fluent English. Non English CVs will not be considered.

All communications from the point of you submitting your CV and picture will take place by email. Your recruitment interview will either take place through a face-to-face meeting ; or through Web Cam interview with Skype®.

If you have good Internet connection, you may wish to consider Web Cam interview, as such interview can usually take place earlier than a face-to-face meeting. You need to indicate in your application if you wish a Web Cam interview. And you have to provide us with your Skype® address.

In such case, pls. ensure you have latest version of Skype® installed (download from : ), and that you have a Web Camera. Also pls. ensure before interview, that your Internet connection, Skype® and your microphone, headset / loudspeakers as well as Web Cam all work properly.

Your application will be treated confidentially. If we believe there is a match between yourself and needs of our client, we will interview you. If after the interview we continue to believe you and our client will benefit from our client hiring you, we will present your name and details to our client.

By submitting your application, you authorize us to decide whether we wish to interview you ; and in extension whether or not we wish to present you to our client.

Your application will only be considered for purposes of applying to a position that our clients are looking to be filled. Your name, and your contact details will not be exploited for commercial purposes. We do not sell information contained in your application to third parties.

Pls. notice carefully, that by virtue of you submitting your application you are by no means guaranteed an interview ; nor an offer of a position. Your application will be considered if our clients have positions open ; as per the merits in the application ; and in the order of receipt. Should we wish to interview you we will contact you. Similarly, should after the interview, our client wish to extend an offer to you, we will contact you.

Please note all contacts will be handled through email. Pls. do not call us, pls. email us.

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