Typically, when IMPAC´s customer is interested in improving Profitability through better Productivity, following steps will be required:

Phase I : Analysis – a two to three week operational analysis and business review of customer organization

Phase II : Project – a 8 – 10 month implementation period within customer organization

Phase III : Continuous Improvement – optional follow up period that usually continue one or more years

As you see the progress is rather quick in terms of calendar time. The expedient progression of change is required as customers typically wish to see results quickly. In fact most of the customers are looking forward to achieve following impressive results within a very short time :

- Return on Investment in excess of 250 % within one year after completion of the project
- Recovery of the investment in excess of 70 % at the time of completion of the project
- Guaranteed return of 100 % of the investment
- Full implementation of IMPAC® System of Management

To be able to achieve these impressive targets, intensive Productivity implementation program will focus on the Point of Execution.

Many CEOs and Chairmen of large corporations mistakenly believe that company profitability is decided in the Corporate offices and in the Boardroom. Certainly, large scale decisions at this level will affect many areas of the company, but rarely reaches the front line where productivity is determined.

It is in fact the front line supervisors and managers who define productivity achievements of a company. Managers and especially supervisors take many “small” decisions every day ; every hour in fact. These decisions relate to anything from crewing of production lines, or crewing of service points, training of staff, assigning staff to work, aligning products and production lines, adjusting and calibrating equipment, ordering right amounts of materials and parts, controlling quality, using right amount of energy and much more !

These and many similar decisions have dramatic effect on Productivity and Profitability, as it is at this level actual utilization of resources is decided for. Effectively, supervisors decide whether or not the area or department in their control will have a Profitable day today. Or will lose money today ! This is the Point of Execution, and it is here a company often “makes it or brakes it” in the long term.

The Boardroom will most often never get to know what happened on a particular day ; or why it happened. But the Boardroom will be confronted by lesser productivity ; and lesser profitability.

This is where Productivity Specialists come into picture. Productivity Specialists take the pressure off the shoulders of the CEO and the Boardroom. Productivity Specialists work with the supervisors and the managers side by side, helping these supervisors and managers to improve their skills in managing resources they are responsible of ; and accountable for.

At IMPAC®, Productivity Specialists are called Management Engineers. Once you start with us, you will be placed into an Analysis or a Project. During your assignments you will gain exclusive know-how on how to run productive and profitable commercial enterprises in various industries. Once you have demonstrated you can deliver superior results, you will be allowed to lead your own projects. And in extension, you will have opportunity to assume responsibility at senior level ; perhaps develop your capabilities in sales ; or proceed to expert positions in various specialized disciplines ; such as training, energy, quality, maintenance and skills development.