IMPAC® Licensed companies are specialized to Implement Productivity Improvement with their customers.

IMPAC®, and our customers work in mutually profitable project environment, where our IMPAC® Project team work side by side with the customer ; and maintains offices within the customer company for the duration of the project. The Project team is also joined by client representatives, who work as members of the Team.

Working for IMPAC® is to some degree different that you may have experienced in the past. You will work as an Independent Contractor throughout your career. A typical working week may start late Sunday night when you travel from your home to the “job hotel”. This is typically a business hotel situated in the vicinity of the customer´s offices ; or manufacturing facilities. Once the working week is completed, on Friday afternoon you will be travelling back to home. Your travel may take place by car, train or even plane – depending of your assignment. All business related travel and hotel expenses, as well as fees are paid for on a fortnightly basis.

IMPAC® engages in Productivity Improvement projects. Effectively, that means the Project team implements changes within customer organization. We are Implementers – not consultants !
Change processes are always very challenging. To implement sustainable changes, a capability quickly to comprehend complex operational environments is required. Simply, you must be a quick learner. And to get results expediently, you need excellent people skills, and communications skills.

If you are able to produce results in such a demanding environment, you will be offered a career which provides you with exceptional growth possibilities at personal and business levels. You will be able to enjoy quick career progression ; followed by good earnings potential.

If you are not a fast learner, if you cannot work long hours in stressful and fast paced environments, if you do not like challenges and if you do not like working with people - we cannot offer a career for you. Sorry.

Senior sales executives such as Regional Vice Presidents and Account Executives are also engaged as Independent Contractors. Sales executives work typically from their home offices ; making calls to book appointments with CEOs and Chairmen of customer companies, and then prepare presentation materials to take into meetings. These meetings between Sales executives and customer's CEOs and Chairmen always take place in client offices, but usually within reasonable travel distances.

It is unlikely that there is an IMPAC® office close to your assigned territory ; therefore self-discipline in working from your own home office is an absolute must. Successful sales executives will have exceptional compensation as fully commissioned salesmen ; and may enjoy additional rewards on top of their commissions.

Typical positions within Productivity Implementation: Typical Profiles for Sales and Analysis positions:
Management Engineer Trainee Regional Vice President of Sales
Management Engineer Presenting Chief Analyst
Management Trainer  
Project Directors  


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