Productivity Improvement is challenging enterprise to most companies around the world. Yet, in every industry, condition for future success is in continuous Improvement of Productivity.

In the Productivity Improvement industry, IMPAC® proceeds in a very methodological fashion about helping our customers to enhance Productivity.

As Productivity Specialist you will have an opportunity to become certified by The Association of Productivity Specialists. The APS Merit Recognition Program represents an important step toward establishing standards for the Productivity Specialist profession, and elevates the performance of Productivity Specialists through examination of skills and achievement of specific goals.

Three levels of certification are available :

Certified Productivity Specialist

Advanced Productivity Specialist

Master Productivity Specialist

After 2 years of work with IMPAC® ; if you are a member of APS, you can apply for certification as Certified Productivity Specialist. Once certified, you can also add the letters CPS after their name, much like accountants, and other professionals are able to do.

After 5 years, after passing more extensive written exam, and after a verbal presentation before a Peer Review Board, you can apply for certification as Advanced Productivity Specialist.

After 14 years, you can apply for certification at the level of Master Productivity Specialist or MPS.

The link we provide below will direct you to few sites that will explain what IMPAC® does, and what or customers think about the results we have achieved. Among these sites is also the APS site which will provide you detailed insight into the work of a Productivity Specialist. Please study these sites before attending any interview that you may have been invited to.