The positions IMPAC® Licensed companies have available are that of Independent Contractor. Earnings potential and career progression possibilities are impressive for dedicated and hardworking individuals. You must be prepared to travel most of the weekdays, typically staying in a business hotel during the weeknights. Business related travel costs will be reimbursed in full, and payment of your fees and expenses takes place on alternating weeks. Senior positions may require international travel.

Your daily work will be interesting, challenging and very motivating. You will be fully trained by IMPAC®, and you will be working as agent of change with IMPAC´s customers. Therefore you must be a good communicator, and be able to listen carefully.

You must be a team player. You must be a “people person” ; with capability of understanding processes and technologies easily. You must be good in working with people. You must be able to present and sell concepts in a clear manner. You must be able to gain respect among those you work with. And you must be passionate about your job !

You must be able to understand and speak English fluently. English is the Corporate language of IMPAC®, as well as many of our customers. In addition, all training will take place in English.

IMPAC® works in project environment, and the work takes place within our customer´s premises. IMPAC® places a dedicated Team with our customers, headed by a Project Director in charge of the team and the results. The team will work closely with our customer´s personnel, supervision and management. IMPAC® targets to achieve tangible results through improving productivity throughout the customer organization.

Typically, IMPAC® companies not only achieve good results, but excel and exceed expectations. These are documented through thousands of references ; and continuous repeat business.

IMPAC® achieves these great results through Implementation. We are not consultants. We are Implementers !

The link we provide below will direct you to few sites that will explain more in-depth what a Productivity Specialist does. Prior to your interview, pls. take your time and study the information provided through these links.