Once an IMPAC® Licensed company expresses need to recruit more talent, Asia Control Systems undertakes full responsibility and management of the recruitment process for IMPAC®. We provide a solution that allows IMPAC® companies to focus on their core business rather than divide resources to handle complex and lengthy recruitment processes.

Asia Control Systems has a passion for people and work. IMPAC® companies look for professional qualifications, and personalities that match the philosophy and culture of IMPAC®. We at Asia Control Systems are dedicated to meet IMPAC’s needs, and work very hard to find that best possible match.

The interview process may have several steps. In the first interview we discuss experience and qualifications, but we also look beyond the resume to find a match of the candidate's personality and talent ; and IMPAC®. If additional interviews are required, we will further explore the fit between the applicant, and IMPAC´s needs.

Our recruiters will explain you the recruitment process during the recruitment interview. We conduct recruitment interviews either by a face-to-face meeting, or by using Skype and Webcam. Often, only one interview will be required, while for certain positions we expect to meet two or three times before reaching a decision.

Many IMPAC® companies may opt to use their own personnel for interviewing process, but wish Asia Control Systems to coordinate and administer the recruitment process and back-office. Therefore you as the candidate, may be interviewed either by our specialists, or dedicated personnel from other IMPAC® companies. As many sales and senior operational positions will require several interviews, you may see a mix of our recruiters, and IMPAC´s senior officers during the recruitment process.

We may also recommend you to complete on-line training in the field of Productivity Improvement or IMPAC’s Sales Process while still being considered for a position.

Once you have submitted your CV, our recruitment office will schedule interview with you, as well as provide detail of the location. Very often, should we conduct a face-to-face recruitment meeting, we will meet at the lobby or in the meeting facilities of a local business hotel.

We would like to meet with you – so if your background matches the positions we offer – pls. submit your CV including your picture !

PLEASE NOTE: All contacts will be handled through email. Please do not call us. Please email us.